Printing Tips

Postage Tips Space for Barcode When designing card mailers, make sure you leave enough room to accommodate the barcode. Use Light Color Paper When choosing paper for self-mailers or cards, make sure the color of your stock is light enough that it will not interfere with postal barcode-reading equipment, which could increase your postage cost […]

Postage Tips

Postage Tips Don’t pay the initial fee and yearly fees for your own USPS mailing permit. When we process your mailing, use our permit for free instead! Design your piece as a letter-size rather than a flat to save postage. If you are mailing a postcard at first class rates, keep your size between 3.5″ […]

Postage Types

Postage Types First Class A quick, affordable service for basic mailing needs of postcards, letters and large envelopes weighing 13 ounces or less. Prices are based on shape and weight. Typically allows for quicker delivery of mail piece. Presorted First Class A reduced first-class postage rate achieved by appending barcodes and doing additional sortation on […]

List Types

List types Residential List Residential lists consist of households and are available in two main types: By-Name and Occupant. Occupant lists are addressed to “Occupant” or “Current Resident” and are mailed to all available addresses in a given zip or route. By-Name lists, on the other hand, are addressed to a specific person or household. […]

Helpful Definitions

Helpful Definitions Automation Modern Mailing & Printing’s CASS Certified software improves the accuracy of carrier-route, zip code, and delivery point barcodes that appear on your mail pieces. This process ensures that your mailing will qualify for the maximum postage discounts available. The zip+4 is translated into a delivery-point barcode, which allows the postal service to […]

Mail Tips

Mail Tips Attracting Attention Most people ‘skim’ their mail. Capture their attention with bulleted lists, dashes, check boxes, numbering, asterisks, bold type, italics, and arrows. Using full color printing is nice, but even black and white or one-color direct mail can be attention-grabbing if it is different. Mailer Types Mailers can be envelopes, small or […]