Helpful Definitions


Modern Mailing & Printing's CASS Certified software improves the accuracy of carrier-route, zip code, and delivery point barcodes that appear on your mail pieces. This process ensures that your mailing will qualify for the maximum postage discounts available. The zip+4 is translated into a delivery-point barcode, which allows the postal service to run the mail through high-speed barcode readers/sorters, resulting in faster, more accurate delivery of your mailing piece.

Automated Bar Coding

This coding uses a series of vertical bars of varying heights, representing digits that can be read by a laser scanner. The United States Postal Service uses this service to expedite delivery of mail. When used by professional mailing houses like Modern Mailing & Printing, barcoding can significantly reduce postage costs and increase the speed of delivery.


Refers to different services to finish a printed piece. These could include folding, stapling, gluing, padding, tabbing, cutting, or any other method to complete a print project and get it ready for mailing, if applicable.

CASS Certified

(Coding Accuracy Support System) This designation is used by the United States Postal Service to evaluate the accuracy of software that mailing list brokers use to clean and match addresses. It is tested for ZIP, delivery point, and carrier-route coding accuracy by the United States Postal Service.


National Change Of Address (NCOA) is a service provided by MMP through use of the United States Postal Service (USPS) data base that enables individuals to notify others of a new address. The NCOA file is compiled by the USPS and is made available to certain licensees who use it to update mailing lists with changed addresses.

Ink Jet Addressing

Names and addresses are sprayed directly onto the mail piece. Personalized teaser statements can also be added to mail pieces such as, "Look inside for special savings!"

Meter / Pre-cancelled stamps

The postage meter is another way Modern Mailing & Printing can apply postage to mail pieces that do not have a mailing permit pre-printed. A meter applies postage with the traditional red meter ink. Sometimes our customers request pre-cancelled stamps for mailing, which can give the mailing a more personalized look, since a stamp is attached for the postage.


To qualify for automation (barcode) rates, folded, letter-size self-mailers must be tabbed shut with wafer seals. Round, opaque, perforated tabs are applied to the mailing piece to keep it folded while running through high-speed barcode readers at the post office. Depending on the design of the piece, one, two or more tabs could be required.