Postage Types

First Class

A quick, affordable service for basic mailing needs of postcards, letters and large envelopes weighing 13 ounces or less. Prices are based on shape and weight. Typically allows for quicker delivery of mail piece.

Presorted First Class

A reduced first-class postage rate achieved by appending barcodes and doing additional sortation on the mailing prior to submitting to the post office.

Standard Rate

A class of mail that weighs less than 16 ounces and applies to the subclasses of Regular Standard and Non-Profit Standard. Standard Rate is designed for large volume mailings where delivery time is not as critical and offers significant postage savings over first-class and presorted-first-class rates. Additional processing is performed on the mail piece prior to delivering to the post office. For the local area, delivery times can be comparable to first class, but at a much lower rate.


A class of mail consisting of newspapers, magazines or other publications that are issued at least four times a year at regular, specified intervals. Usually sent to a list of subscribers.