Mail Tips

Attracting Attention

Most people 'skim' their mail. Capture their attention with bulleted lists, dashes, check boxes, numbering, asterisks, bold type, italics, and arrows. Using full color printing is nice, but even black and white or one-color direct mail can be attention-grabbing if it is different.

Mailer Types

Mailers can be envelopes, small or large mailers and booklets only limited by your imagination! We encourage you to be creative, but don't forget that the QUALITY OF THE LIST is most important for delivering your MESSAGE.

Make Me an Offer I Can't Refuse

Make sure you use the right direct mail offer. "FREE" will get attention and is typically preferred among consumers, but not businesses. '50% off' gets more response than stating 'half off.' Whatever the offer is - a limited time trial or an upgraded discount - Modern Mailing & Printing can help you make sure it's concise, has a real value and makes sense for your brand.

Envelope Ideas

The envelope is what gets your offer opened. As direct marketing experts, we know that the outer envelope affects about 10% of the final decision of whether or not to respond. Make it look like 'normal' correspondence (such as a #10 envelope) and address directly onto the envelope to increase the odds your mailer will be opened.

Testing One, Two, Three

The best direct marketers invest in testing their mailings because they know that the audience's responses can change all the time. Marketers may try different offers, different packaging, and even different colors to see which one generates the best response. Sound costly? If pieces are produced in bulk and mailed at one time, the savings and the critical sales information are worth the effort.