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Modern Mailing & Printing Services
Modern Mailing & Printing Services
Mailing Lists

Marketing experts agree, the most important component of a direct marketing campaign is the mailing list. Modern Mailing & Printing Services uses several processes to help ensure mailing list integrity.

List Rental

Whether your target is business, consumer, or both, turn to Modern Mailing & Printing for the most current, accurate lists available in today's marketplace. Simply let us know important geographic and/or demographic information such as location, gender, lifestyle, income, marital status, household size, etc. for a consumer list. Or for a business list, we can start with information such as organizational data, company size, and number of employees.

List Management Services

Let Modern Mailing & Printing assist you with list organization, maintenance and management. We can keep your list updated, resulting in increased delivery rates and maximum savings for your business.

  • Address Repair and Standardization: As a CASS Certified vendor, our software improves the accuracy of carrier-route, zip code, and delivery point codes that appear on your mail pieces. This process ensures that your mailing will qualify for the maximum postage discounts available.

  • Address Change Tracking: Modern Mailing & Printing provides authorized methods, such as NCOA updates, that qualify for the USPS Move Update Standards. These standards reduce undeliverable-as-addressed mail. As a result you will benefit by reduced postage costs and elimination of costly penalties.

List Maintenance

Modern Mailing & Printing can maintain your mailing list for you! Free up your valuable time by sending us all of your updates, deletions, and additions. We'll make sure your list stays as accurate as possible.

Contact Us ...for more information. We look forward to assisting you.


Modern Mailing & Printing Services
Successful Mailing Lists
We do! For successful list building, include us early in the process. We can help you determine what type of list is necessary for your project.
Planning Ahead
If you plan on doing multiple mailings within a year, it may be more affordable to rent one list for unlimited use during the year rather than renting a different list multiple times.

We can help you determine a marketing plan that best suits your project needs.


Modern Mailing & Printing Services


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